The Britain-Australia Society’s Aims:

  • to strengthen and deepen the existing rich friendship and cultural understanding between Britain and Australia
  • to maintain links with Australia and in particular with the Australia-Britain Society, thus providing a point of contact for their members visiting the United Kingdom and for our members visiting Australia
  • to promote educational exchanges between the two countries.
  • to arrange social events for our members and to welcome visiting members of the Australia-Britain Society to them.
  • to expand our membership, particularly with younger members under 35; and to develop branches of the Society in main centres in the United Kingdom.

In 1971 Sir Robert Menzies and Sir Alec Douglas-Home, former Prime Ministers of Australia and Britain, founded two sister Societies: the Britain-Australia Society based in the United Kingdom and the Austalia-Britain Society based in Australia. Both these Societies have similar aims, are apolitical and recognise the value of a continuing cultural exchange between the two countries.

Britons and Australians share a rich heritage of family ties, history, culture, language, sport and business and they share a common tradition of freedom and democracy which is enshrined in the legal and parliamentary systems of the two nations. Whilst Australia and Britain each pursue their own interests, we believe that our warm relationships and shared heritage must always be preserved and cultivated.